Transmission Fluid Exchange

Transmission Fluid Exchange Service

Brunswick Volkswagen Transmission Fluid Exchange Services

Located in Brunswick, Ohio, our dealership provides many great and reliable Volkswagen products and services to residents around the area. Our Volkswagen transmission fluid exchange service is a common transmission service that our customers like to have done here in addition to our transmission inspection service. There are a variety of ways in which a transmission fluid exchange can be beneficial to you.

Volkswagen Transmission Fluid Exchange

Whether your vehicle is equipped with a manual transmission or an automatic transmission, you will need to have a transmission fluid exchange done. Also known as a transmission fluid change, a Volkswagen transmission fluid exchange service will allow your transmission to receive an adequate amount of fresh transmission fluid. Our certified technicians will drain the old fluid out of your vehicle's transmission and remove the old transmission fluid filter during the fluid change service. After the old fluid has been completely drained, they will replace the old fluid filter with a genuine OEM replacement filter. After the new transmission fluid filter has been installed, our technicians will fill your vehicle's transmission back up with a manufacturer-recommended amount of transmission fluid.

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Preventing Transmission Issues

Making sure that the transmission fluid in your vehicle remains fresh and clean is essential to taking care of the transmission. Transmission issues can be expensive and difficult to repair. Additionally, a bad or malfunctioning transmission can potentially leave you stranded on the road. Prevent these issues by making sure that your transmission fluid is fresh. New transmission fluid will keep your vehicle's transmission lubricated and protected from the damaging effects of excessive friction between parts.

Transmission Fluid Service Schedule

There are a variety of different transmission routines that you will see. On average, manufacturers recommend that drivers have their transmission fluids changed at least once between every 30,000 to 60,000 miles; this is a good range that you can follow. However, we recommend that you initially refer to your vehicle's owner's manual for the best results. In the owner's manual, you will find a transmission fluid change schedule specific to your Volkswagen model, as well as a variety of other essential pieces of information about your vehicle. Contact us to learn more about transmission fluid change routines.

Transmission Fluid Exchange Service

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Due to the complexity of transmissions, transmission services should be completed by trained professionals. Visit our dealership so that our technicians can provide a dependable Volkswagen transmission fluid exchange in Brunswick to you. If you have any additional questions about the service or would like any more information regarding our many services, contact us. Our helpful team members will be glad to assist you and make sure that your vehicle remains in great running condition.


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