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Brake Pad Replacement Service

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Brunswick Volkswagen Brake Pad Replacement Services

Our dealership is located in Brunswick, Ohio. We provide OEM Volkswagen brake pads, brake rotors, brake calipers, and many other essential products for your vehicle. A routine service that our customers like to have done in our service department is a brake pad replacement. Our Volkswagen brake pad replacement service will ensure that your vehicle receives the proper OEM brake pads that it needs.

VW Brake Pad Replacement

A brake pad replacement service is necessary to have done on your vehicle regularly. Your vehicle's brake system uses frictional forces and hydraulic forces to stop the wheels of your vehicle. The frictional force is applied to the brake pads and brake rotors when you press your vehicle's brake pedal. This friction, while highly effective, leads to your brake pads wearing down over time. During a brake pad replacement, our certified technicians remove your vehicle's brake pads and replace them with brand new OEM VW brake pads.

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Proper Braking from Your Volkswagen

When your vehicle's brake pads have worn out, you will begin to notice several issues arising. One of the most common signs that your vehicle's brake pads need to be replaced is noise coming from the brake system. The noises that you may hear coming from your brake pads when they are wearing thin will either be squeaking noises or grinding noises. These noises are a result of metal-to-metal contact that can actually lead to brake rotor damage. Steering vibrations are another sign of brake pad wear and are even more serious.

Volkswagen Brake Service Routine

To ensure that your vehicle has enough brake pad material to stop its movement, you should have its brake pads routinely serviced. Brake pads tend to last around 50,000 miles. However, the amount of time that your vehicle's brake pads last depends on your driving habits and the types of brakes that you have on your vehicle. Additionally, rear brake pads typically last longer than front brake pads because they don't handle as much of the stopping force that is used to bring your vehicle to a halt. You may be able to find a brake pad replacement service schedule in the owner's manual of your vehicle.

Brake Pad Replacement

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At Brunswick Volkswagen, we provide many of the Volkswagen products and services that you will need to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Our dealership provides OEM Volkswagen brake pads in Brunswick and a brake system service that you can depend on. Whether you need a front brake pad replacement or a rear brake pad replacement for your vehicle, our skilled technicians can provide it to you. Contact us if you would like to learn more about our Volkswagen brake pad replacement service or would like to schedule your next service with us.


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