Brunswick Volkswagen Makes History

   Brunswick Volkswagen is pleased to announce we have won the Volkswagen Wolfsburg Crest Club award for 2021. This is Volkswagen's top honor achieved at a dealership level. We are just one of small group of Volkswagen dealerships to receive this award.

   In order to achieve Wolfsburg Crest Club Membership, a dealer must demonstrate exemplary performance in every category including; new and pre-owned vehicle sales, sales and service customer satisfaction, parts purchase loyalty, facility maintenance and compliance, and employee training and certification.

   We have joined this elite group through the support and recognition of you, our customers, and we thank you greatly. Those of you who have driven one of our vehicles know what kind of standards we are talking about. Only by your repeat business, glowing testimonials, positive feedback, and suggestions for improvement are we able to serve you better each year. Such an accomplishment does not just happen by chance. Every day, the team at Brunswick Volkswagen makes every effort to provide nothing but the best for their customers. Membership in the Wolfsburg Crest Club is fitting recognition of their remarkable work. You will no doubt agree if you come in for a visit to Brunswick Volkswagen. Because they meet more than the highest Volkswagen standards - they meet yours.